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The RD4U website is being completely redesigned and is nearing completion!
Please rest assured that all of your messages and comments are being received and will be posted when the new website launches very soon!

RD4U is a website designed for young people by young people. It is part of Cruse Bereavement Care's Youth Involvement Project and here to support you after the death of someone close.

"Ask the Experts": a film by young people who know about bereavement. You can see a short clip here and you can get the full length DVD (9.99) from the Cruse online shop.

RD4U means the 'road for you' - the main aim of this site is to let you find your own 'road' to dealing with your loss.

Website updated 21 October 2014

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If someone you know has died why not send a private message to one of our trained volunteers who will reply to you by email. If you want to talk to someone direct, call our FREE phone helpline on
0808 808 1677

Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 5:00 pm

A booklet to help you
after someone dies
After someone dies After Someone Dies - a booklet to help you

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Read Ixzie's book about her dad
Izzie has written a book dedicated to the memory of her Dad

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